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Poison Ivy Gumbo



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Buy Poison Ivy Gumbo Strain. Poison Ivy cannabis strain by Medusa is an even hybrid. It comes in abundant, massive yields and can be grown in an outdoor or indoor environment. Buds are hard from density and decorated with lots of trichomes. The aroma and flavour are intensely sweet, fruity, and creamy. Its low maintenance nature is good for novice growers and experts alike. Poison Ivy cannabis strain by Medusa is good for daytime and evening usage. Buy Poison Ivy Gumbo Strain

Poison Ivy Gumbo Strain Review

Gumbo is named an Indica cannabis strain. Gumbo flavor profile is pine, sweet, sharp, and the fragrance can be sweet. Gumbo pot instigates loose, hungry, and giggly feeling. It might assist with easing pressure, sleep deprivation, and gloom. Gumbo THC level is 18.71%. Clients partake in this strain with exercises like eating, dozing. This kush has a 4.6 out of 5 rating, in view of 56 client votes.  Buy Poison Ivy Gumbo Strain

Side Effects Of Poison Ivy Gumbo

Poison Ivy Gumbo maryjane initiates loose, hungry, giggly, lethargic, and glad inclination. It might likewise additionally assist with soothing the accompanying clinical indications: stress, a sleeping disorder, wretchedness, irritation, and absence of craving. You might have dry mouth, dry eyes, mixed up, cerebral pain and jumpy as incidental effects. Buy Gumbo Shark Online


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