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Pink Rozay Cookies Strain



Purchase Pink Rozay Online

Purchase Pink Rozay Online . Pink Rozay is a weighty indica-prevailing strain (80/20) attributable to its hereditary cosmetics: portions of the indica Lemonchello #10 crossed with the Lemon Pound Cake #75 strains. These strains give it a mid-high THC content around 17% and a broadly fruity taste and smell that attracts cannabis beginners to its enticing experience. The main thing you’ll see about the plant is that it was named delightfully to coordinate with its look. Purchase Pink Rozay Online

Purchase Pink Rozay Online

Effects Of Pink Rozay Strain Online

They’re shrouded in orange hairs, and radiant purple and white trichomes. They’re as engaging the eyes concerning the nose: when you pull the thick nugs separated, you’ll be welcomed by a berry fix of scents. Strawberries, nutty, gritty spices, and different berries will flood your faculties. It’s fruity and sweet yet additionally natural. It’s a fantasy smell. Purchase Pink Rozay Online

Appearance Of  Pink Rozay Strain

Buy Pink Rozay Online , In case that wasn’t sufficient, individuals burrow the taste since it’s so welcoming: traces of those berries, spices, fiery blossom, and nutty undercurrents. At the point when the high hits you, you’ll comprehend the sweet, welcoming scents: the head high has a similar inclination. It’s solid, yet bright. Order Pink Rozay Online


1/8 Ounc, Ounce, QP, HP, 1 Pound


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